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Life-long Wellness (LW)


Kevin Dudley                    HLAC 1096-003                     04/28/2011

Lifelong Wellness application Paper


Write a Paragraph on each of the following:

  1. What did you learn about Lifelong Wellness from taking this General Education class?

I learned that through proper diet and nutrition my quality of life can improve greatly.  In addition, lifelong wellness means having an exercise regimen that also adds to longevity and quality of life.  Through diet and exercise I can reduce the chance I will get diabetes, have a heart attack, and stroke.  Not only can I lengthen my life but through managing stress, eating well and exercise I can maintain excellent mental and physical functioning.

  1. How would you apply this information to your life?

I have already tried to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in my diet.  I think that regular exercise is important.  I am conscious of my stress levels as a student and a brisk walk or vigorous exercise helps me manage my stress level.  During the course of this class I reduced my body fat % by 1%.  I increased my flexibility by 3” and increased my cardio-endurance.  I looked forward to the bi-weekly workouts because they helped me managed my stress leaving me feeling better.

  1. What is your intention to continue to practice what you have learned in your life and why?

It is my intention to replace the mandatory workouts with my own workouts during the summer.  I try to work out with a partner because it is easier to stay motivated and it makes it more difficult to make excuses.  I also intend to keep adding healthy foods to my diet.  I am trying to reduce fatty and high calorie foods from my diet especially foods like chips and high calorie fried foods.

  1. General Ideas for improving this course?

This was an excellent single credit hour course.  The only thing that I would have liked to focus on a little more is diet.  I also would have liked to attacked diet and exercise myths and fads.


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